A simple method for sterilizing N95 respirator & surgical masks.

Thanks for visiting the Simple Ozone Sterilizer (SOS) project. The SOS is a simple, easy to make, ozone sterilizer that could be a vital tool in fighting the COVID-19 virus. It could also be a simple sanitization method for other uses, deployable worldwide.

Low cost and deployable worldwide.

The idea for this sterilizer sprung up after hearing that healthcare workers were having to reuse fragile, disposable masks, and other types of non-reusable PPE (personal protective equipment). My wife is a healthcare worker, and I resell lab equipment and supplies. So, you could say I’m acutely aware that keeping non-reuseable PPE equipment clean and working order is no small task.

The design I came up with is one for a sterilizer you can put together fast. It’s relatively cheap, and just about anyone, anywhere in the world should be able to do it.